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-- cPALMS - the official source for state K-12 education standards and course information. It provides tools for educators to build and share resources to support standards-driven instruction in mathematics, science and reading/language arts.

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-- Inquiry in Action (Grades K-8) -- download latest version. Inquiry in Action is a 470-page resource of guided, inquiry-based activitiesthat covers basic chemistry concepts along with the process of scientific investigation. With Inquiry in Action, you can teach physical science and chemistry concepts using an inquiry-based approach that supports national content standards.

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  • Elementary - Float That Boat!: How can we explain the things that happen around us?
    Grade: 3-5, Science. We B Toys just completed their annual customer satisfaction reviews of their toy boat line. They have learned that customers have complained that their boats tend to sink. They are looking for new toy boats and are offering to purchase $1 million worth of merchandise to the company that produces the best boat. Student teams design new boats that will float and prepare proposals to market their boats.
  • Middle - Forensics: Get a Clue! - In this project, students delve into the world of criminal investigation and learn how forensic scientists collect, analyze, and process evidence to solve a crime.
  • High - Case studies

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