Gizmo.jpg 2011-13 - for specific Title I middle schools only.
SCHOOLS in this grant: GizmoSchools.pdf

GIZMOS ALIGNED TO CURRICULUM MAPS - Download these Curriculum Maps as they have direct links to the Gizmos you need:
NEW GIZMOS FEATURE: You can import a whole Gizmos list in one click! Desiree Sujoy (ExploreLearning Project Manager) created Gizmos lists that you can download for your grade level based on the 2012-2013 curriculum maps, and have a whole year of Science Gizmos organized by Units, in just one click! Just make a new class tab (or clean out Gizmos from an old tab), and click “import Gizmos to classes”….even the headings are imported!
PARENT LETTERS (from Desiree Sujoy) - (What is Gizmos, how to log on, etc.)
PlainLg0.gifEXPLORE LEARNING WEBSITE: Create user accounts using the same BEEP conventions:
Teachers: UN (p + 8 digit personnel #); PW (8 digit personnel #). Students: UN (student #); PW (birthday MMDDYYYY)
PlainLg0.gifGIZMO CORRELATIONS - aligned to the IFCs.
PlainLg0.gifGIZMO BLOG for teachers to find out any help topics, teaching ideas, news items - Parent letter from Desiree Sujoy can be found here
PlainLg0.gifKICK-OFF PRESENTATION - Quiz link available until Tuesday, Nov. 8, 9:00 p.m.
PlainLg0.gif TRAINING and INSERVICE POINTS (Face-to-Face Training, Follow-Up forms, More Inservice Points, On Site Training)
PlainLg0.gif Face-to-Face Training Workshop Follow-Up Form Due DECEMBER 9
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